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What I offer


"What is YNAB?"
"How does it work?"


"What do I need?"
"Why do I need it?"


"How do I get out of this pickle?"
"How can I stay on track?"

Teaching, Coaching, and Support are woven throughout each session based on what we encounter to help you succeed with your budgeting journey and will encompass a wide range of emphasis, tailored to each individual/couple.


There may be areas of budgeting or YNAB concepts that need expounding or clarifying, or understanding how to implement that's currently a source of confusion. Perhaps you're looking for guidance on best practices or a fresh perspective, or for ways to make budgeting more integrated and habitual with your daily life.

How we can work

Two paths based on what you're looking for and need

How We Can Work

Single Session

60- or 90min video call

"a la carte"


Great for:

  • Existing YNAB users wanting 1:1 help with a couple of things and to be pointed in the right direction

    • Includes screen-share of your budget & coach demos​

    • Option to purchase follow-up or additional sessions if desired 





*payment required at time of booking

Custom PRoposal

30min free consultation via video call to discuss your needs, how I can help, and if we'd be a good fit. 


Great for: 


  • Existing YNAB users needing more extensive 1:1 help or feel lost among several concepts or application 

  • People looking to start a new way of budgeting and want a coach to guide them

  • People seeking continued support and accountability


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