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ways we can work

Each session proposal can be customized to fit your specific needs and situation.
Let's talk to see what solution is best for you!

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A session for existing YNAB users who want guidance with their budget or approach from a personal budget coach. Fresh perspective, best practices, specific solutions, and seeing the whole picture.


There's no substitute for a session like this when you need more than an email to Support.

We can meet for up to 2 hours.

one-stop Workshop

A single, intensive marathon session (with breaks!) where we condense understanding your current state & goals, what budgeting is, the YNAB method, software demo, and getting your budget set up.

You'll leave fully equipped and clear-eyed as you embark on your YNAB budgeting journey.  

This session will take around 4 hours.

progression of sessions

A tailored set of recurring 1hr coaching sessions periodically spread across several months, this program breaks up the content of the workshop into individual meetings allowing us to explore further and digest more.


After establishing your YNAB budget, we'll maintain a series of follow-up sessions to check on how things are going and provide further assistance. 


3 - 4 month total commitment.

Need ongoing support? Additional coaching options available!

Want to know more? Have questions? Ready to get started?

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